Section 3 Opportunities

Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 requires the Clarion County Housing Authority to ensure that employment and other economic and business opportunities generated by HUD financial assistance are directed to public housing residents and other low income persons.  The Clarion County Housing Authority incorporates Section 3 in all procurements generated for use with HUD funding.

Our current Section 3 Policy requires that if a contractor/subcontractor has the need to hire new persons to complete the Section 3 covered contract or needs to subcontract portions of the work to another business, they are required to direct their newly created employment and/or subcontracting opportunities to Section 3 residents and business concerns.

Below is a listing of any current Section 3 Opportunities available.
For more information about the opportunities listed below or the Section 3 Program, please contact Penny Campbell at 814-226-8910 extension 105.