Request for Tenancy (RFT)

A Request for Tenancy commonly known as a RFT is when a participant selects a unit, then the owner of the unit completes this form to provide the PHA with information about the unit. This information is used to determine if the unit is eligible for rental assistance.

Step by Step instructions:

Front Page: Draw a clear and detailed map so the inspector can locate the unit, if the potential tenant hasn’t already- fill out the tenant name and phone number lines, Check mark the box certifying the water at this unit is safe and sanitary & free from contaminates, Fill out the section below the dotted line with all the owners information.

Page 1: Items 2-8 Must be completed, Item number 9 must indicate the type of unit, item 10 is the unit subsidized, and item 11 utilities and appliances need marked with an “O” or “T” for all indicated

Page 2: 12a Comparable units, 12b Renting to a relative, 12c Lead based paint- check one of the following options, 13 PHA does not screen for behavior, 14 Owners Lease, and 15 Inspection. Landlord to fill out the bottom left hand section, the Tenant to complete the right

Disclosure: Lessor is the landlord and lessee is the tenant. Lessor initials beside all that apply under the Lessor’s disclosure section, Lessee initials beside all that applies under the Lessee Acknowledgment. The Lessor and Lessee sign at the bottom above the appropriate line.

W-9 to be completed by landlord unless we already have one on file

Direct Deposit Authorization to be completed by landlord unless already on file.

After completion, the packet needs turned back into the housing authority for review and to continue the process for assistance.