Welcome to the Stay Local Benefit Program

Keeping Local Dollars Local



The Stay Local Benefit Program

Uniting Companies, Consumers & Local Merchants to Grow Business in Our Community

As a member of the Stay Local Benefit Program, you are invited to participate in our Community Gift Card program.

Community eGift Cards are a simple way for people and companies to “give back” and drive more business into our local stores. Custom-branded for us, they are digital gift cards that can be used at any participating merchants: restaurants, salons and spas, boutiques, sports and entertainment, hotels, etc. They are a quick and easy way to keep spending local, strengthening our local businesses and building our community.

There is no special technology or administration required to participate, as long as you accept Mastercard and can key in the transaction like a phone order. There is no fee to participate.

About the Stay Local Benefit Program:

The Clarion County Housing Authority is rolling out a new program in April called “Stay Local Benefit Program.” It is a Gift card that can be used wherever you might use a gift card, but it only works in our local shops, businesses and restaurants in Clarion County.

There is no cost to participate. You must be able to process a key-entry (like a phone order) Mastercard, normal processing fees apply.

Businesses who sign up will be featured on our distribution list and on our website. We would love to include your company as a community supporter of local businesses.

All we need is your business:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Contact person

How Stay Local Benefit Program Cards Work

  • Sign up with The Clarion County Housing Authority by emailing, ccha@clarionhousing.com
  • Run the “Activation Card” as a digital Mastercard on your PoS to join.
  • People will come in your business with a printed Stay Local Benefit Program card, process it as a key-entry Mastercard credit card.

Mastercard will authorize the purchase and you are paid as usual by your Mastercard bank